What We Are Doing (and you can too) to Fight Climate Change

What We Are Doing (and you can too) to Fight Climate Change

Let's talk about something serious. Climate change, pollution and waste is a growing problem that can no longer be ignored. As a small consumer product business we do contribute to carbon emissions and waste, just like all businesses and people do. We think it is no longer acceptable to go on like business as usual. So instead of being a part of the problem, we want to do better and be a part in the solution. What are we doing to be more environmentally sustainable?

Reducing and recycling waste has been a cornerstone of our business since the very start. While this is hardly enough, and we still have much more work to do on this, it is essential for a more sustainable future. What else can be done besides recycling and reducing? This is where our new initiative comes in: reduce what you can, offset what you can't reduce!

We are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change by partnering with Carbonfund.org through their Carbonfree® Business Program. Carbonfund.org supports three types of carbon offset projects, and each plays an important role in the fight against climate change. We are supporting their:

- Forestation projects
- Renewable energy projects
- Energy efficiency projects

This way we will make our shipping and products carbon neutral by offsetting all emissions that our business activities create. This includes everything from manufacturing our products to transporting them to customers all over the world.

The reason we are telling you this is to help create awareness of climate change and how we all can fight it. We hope to inspire you and other businesses to take action by supporting projects around the world that are designed to offset carbon emissions. It is both affordable and easy. Read more about how you as an individual can help too on Carbonfund.org

Together we can make a difference 🌱🌲🌍


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