Why you should engrave your accessories

Why you should engrave your accessories

Jewelry can be more than just a creative expression of ourselves and our outfits. It can also be an expression of love, something or someone important to you. This is where personalized engraving comes in as an extra thoughtful and meaningful expression of that love, friendship or anything of importance.

We want you to create more meaningful accessories and gifts so we offer personalized laser engraving for most of our jewelry and some of our watches. To simplify your choice in a world with unlimited fonts and designs but still give a wide range of options, we offer 7 different fonts words and symbols. For products such as watches and necklaces that can have more elaborate engraving design, we also offer 12 designs in addition to the font selection. If you happen to have a different font that will match your engraving message please contact us first and we will try our best to work with that.

What to engrave is up to you and only your imagination can set the limits. However, in case you are struggling coming up with the perfect idea to express yourself, here are the most popular engraving ideas:

Name. Names and initials are a perfect way of showing your love for a loved one.

Date. Engrave a special date which could be an anniversary, birthday or anything else that happened on a memorable date.

Quote. Maybe you have a quote only you and your loved one understands or perhaps you have an expression that motivates you.

Place. If you have a place in the world that is meaningful to you engrave its name or coordinates to always carry it with you wherever you are.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with coming up with what to engrave!

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