Our Path To Become Carbon Negative & Waste Free

We are working to be a better and more sustainable brand, and will continue this work until our highly set goals are met, to be a carbon negative and waste free company. To achieve that, we are working under the mantra; reduce what we can, offset what we can’t reduce. Together with our customers we hope to be part of driving change towards a sustainable future.

Find out below what we are currently working on!

Reducing waste and recycling is essential for a more sustainable future. However, resource and energy use cannot be reduced to zero, so to counter this we have chosen to offset our carbon dioxide emissions in order to make our shipping and products carbon neutral.

In 2020 we partnered with Carbonfund.org through their Carbonfree® Business Program. Carbonfund.org supports three types of carbon offset projects, and each plays an important role in the fight against climate change.
We hope to significantly reduce our negative impact on the environment by offsetting carbon emissions that our business activities business creates. This includes everything we do from manufacturing our products to shipping them all over the world.

Reducing and recycling waste has been a cornerstone of our business since the very start. Not one single product should be thrown away. Neither by us nor our customers. Everything that can, should be recycled or reused. Our customers are encouraged to recycle our packaging, jewelry and the watch components at the end of their product life.

Reducing ➔ Shipping

Two clear environmental issues arise from of e-commerce shipping; waste and carbon emissions.

Waste. Did you know that e-commerce companies are expected to ship 200 billion packages per year by 2025? Many of those boxes, plastic packaging, plastic envelopes end up with billions of tons of waste in landfills. And sadly, some of it also ends up in the sea.

To minimize shipping waste; we are now shipping with 100% plastic free and plant based bubble mailers. Made of Kraft paper and modified corn starch, makes them more sustainable than traditional plastic poly mailers by degrading faster and not using fossil fuels in the manufacturing process. This of course generates less carbon dioxide.

Carbon emissions. While we cannot eliminate the carbon emissions created by shipping, we do offset and make our shipping carbon neutral. This is made through our Carbonfree® Business Program partnership with Carbonfund.org.

Reducing and Recycling ➔ Product Packaging

Our product packaging is minimal and simple, made with as little material as possible and with no plastic lamination. We no longer have any protective foam inside the jewelry boxes. This means our paper boxes are 100% recyclable.  

Reducing and Recycling ➔ Products

Our products are mainly made of stainless steel. There are 3 reasons why stainless steel is a relatively eco-friendly metal:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Designed to have a very long life span
  • Generally contains a high degree of recycled stainless steel
Stainless steel it is so widely recycled around the world (up to 80%) that any new stainless steel object can have an approximate recycled content of 60% according to British Stainless Steel Association. This recycling process can go on indefinitely which reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing mining. In addition, we offset the carbon emissions created by manufacturing our products through our partnership with Carbonfund.org.

While we have taken some big steps to be more environmentally sustainable, we still have a lot more to do in order to be a carbon negative and completely waste free company. 
Our focus will be:

  • To phase out all materials that cannot be recycled.
  • Use more recycled material in packaging and products.
  • Increase support for projects that reduces carbon emissions and fight climate change