How to keep your accessories looking fresh - Jewelry and Watch care

How to keep your accessories looking fresh - Jewelry and Watch care

All jewelry and watches will benefit from basic care in order to extend their life and new look. But some require more upkeep than other depending on material and plating color. For example, taking care of stainless steel without plating (our silver color) can be very easy such as just cleaning it with a cloth. However plated stainless steel will need additional care and things to avoid, and this especially important for rose gold color which is a particularly sensitive color. See below for some tips on how to take care of your accessories and how to preserve plated color.

Things to avoid:

- Excessive sweating, showering & swimming. Remove your accessories before activities that involve sweating and water.

- Lotions, chemicals, perfume & alcohol hand sanitizer. Wait to put on your accessories after any lotion or perfume has dried and been absorbed by your skin. Chemicals like nail polish remover, chlorine, hand sanitizer etc. should not come in contact with any plated accessories.

 How to clean:

- Cloth. Gently clean and polish with a soft cloth or cotton pad regularly or whenever the piece looks dirty.

- Water. Use water and cloth for harder to remove dirt. Make sure to dry properly after.

- Eraser. Use white pencil eraser for stains that cannot be removed with cloth. This is an especially efficient way of cleaning watches with their many different angles and hard to reach areas.

 How to store:

- Pouch & Box. Use the MADEGREY pouch to protect jewelry from coming in contact with other metals that may cause scratching. For watches use the MADEGREY watch box for protective storage.

- Ziplock bag. Use airtight storage to protect jewelry from humidity. But do take out to clean the jewelry once in a while in case humidity is trapped in the Ziplock bag.

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