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  • What We Are Doing (and you can too) to Fight Climate Change

    Read about how we're taking steps to fight climate change by partnering with Carbonfund.org 🌱🌲🌍

  • Why you should engrave your accessories

    Jewelry can be more than just a creative expression of ourselves and our outfits. It can also be an expression of love, something or someone important to you.
  • How to keep your accessories looking fresh - Jewelry and Watch care

    All jewelry and watches will benefit from basic care in order to extend their life and new look. But some require more upkeep than other depending on material and plating color.
  • What are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Jewelry?

    Gold, silver and brass have long dominated the jewelry market but stainless steel is quickly growing as a preferred material. Here are the reasons why MADEGREY prefers stainless steel over any other metal.